Pvr 029 release

Hi folks,

It’s a pleasure to announce that I tagged 039 pvr release. This is a summary of the major features of the release. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  • export: Make export builds reproducible by standardizing the timestamps and squashfs reproducibility
  • self-upgrade: self-upgrade command always forces an update doesn’t matter if installed_version has the same digest
  • app: app remove will try to remove all the signed files of the app when deleting the application
  • auth: add support to user password via arguments and .netrc
  • statelib: delete app will check if files are already signed by another signature

Almost all these features are going to be live improvements for the normal pvr users.

how to use .netrc

Now pvr will try to read your .netrc configuration file from ${HOME}/.netrc or the current folder ./.netrc allowing pvr to read the credentials for authentication against hub.pantacor.com. This merges with the hub authentication token feature you can create a personal token that will allow you to not expose your personal credentials.

machine api.pantahub.com

For more details about the whole changelog of pvr, you can go to the release details.