Docker builds for pantahub


I’m trying to setup a local environment and have cloned a couple of repos:

  • pantahub-devbench:

It looks like some modules can’t be checked out. Is this a temporary issue?

  • pantahub-base:

The readme for this project mentions convenience docker builds, but it’s impossible to access them as the docker repository seems to down (¿or locked?)

Can you please tell me if I can deploy a complete pantahub platform on my own? If so, what would be the best approach?


Hello Stickman.

You want to deploy your own Pantacor Hub cloud? Or do you want to build an image to run some containers on you device?

I’m kinda lost on what is the local environment you want to setup in order to be able to help you better.

Hi Sergio,

I’d like to deploy Pantacor Hub in my LAN (on-premises). Documentation is scarce on this matter but looking at the two projects mentioned on my previous message it looks like it is not possible ATM as some modules (pantahub-fleet and pantafleet-control) are not available and neither are the docker images mentioned in some other project (README in pantahub-base).

I hope this clears up the confusion and explains what I want to achieve.


Hi, stickman

Ok, now I understood I updated the devbench repository with the latest configuration, you can follow the steps on the repository and you should be able of running the API with all the services need it to work correctly.

let me know if you need anything else.