New pvr release 027 features dm-verity, new source types "rootfs and pvr" as well as advanced PVS system state signing for secure boot

Hi all,

happy to announce new pvr release 027: 027 · Tags · Pantacor / pvr · GitLab

PVR 027 comes with new features and bug fixes:

  • ship arm64 binaries
  • fix multiarch support for docker repos that do not ship default architecture image (e.g. no linux/amd64)
  • pvr app add support for source types ‘pvr’ and ‘rootfs’
  • add support for pvr dm-apply and dm-convert to convert squashfs volumes to dm-verity backed volumes
  • introduce PVR_LXC_CGROUP_V1 argument to src.json for configuring lxc cgroup lines
  • add support for runlevel ‘data’ containers
  • improve visual feedback on console when posting and getting objects from a slow endpoint (e.g. local XP)
  • fix pvr diff to use canonical output to avoid false positive “diffs”
  • introduce PVR_LXC_CGROUP_DEVICES_WHITE to set devices cgroup whitelisting
  • introduce support for PV_ROLES mgmt and none
  • add support for pvr sig subcommand to allow signing with certificates and vert bundles

To install pvr follow instructions on our How to install the PVR cli - Docs page and use pvr self-upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.