Pantavisor App Engine is now shipped with our initial devices tags

With App Engine, you will be able to quickly run Pantavisor as a daemon in any Linux distro without having to flash the board storage. This will not result in the minimal container framework that we are looking for with Pantavisor, but it will be perfect for easy prototyping in your running systems.

From now on, stable and release candidate tags will also publish the appengine installable tarballs for various architectures:

See how to install it and run it here:

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Thanks for the instructions…

Do you also have a docker container with appengine prepackaged that would be conveniently to use to try this out also?

I’ve run this instructions, incluiding the wget of the tarball, using this docker image:

docker run -it --rm --privileged

Thanks. I was thinking about a ready-to-run docker container that would give me all without running the installer… maybe worth checking if Pantavisor team can publish a prebuilt binary this way…