PREVIEW: meta-pantavisor yocto layer

Happy to give an update that yes, we are cooking a Yocto layer to bring the Yocto world nicer into the Pantavisor mindset and vice versa.

Right now in GitHub - pantavisor/meta-pantavisor: Yocto Layer for you will find a set of scripts, classes and recipes that should make your life easier.

All of this is highly experimental, so expect things to change and break substantially during next weeks/months.

Right now, go for the refactor1 branch where we have a README: meta-pantavisor/ at refactor1 · pantavisor/meta-pantavisor · GitHub

With this layer you right now can try to:

  1. Add pantavisor as appengine install to your image as a package
  2. Export your existing userland from an image as a pantavisor deployable container
  3. Export the BSP parts of an image into a pantavisor deployable bsp container
  4. Produce a bootable “revision 0” image with Pantavisor installed running in system mode and mix a set of existing containers into it.
  5. Package pvrexports hosted in ftp locations using pvrexport class.