Pvr 032 release features easy pvs signatures with developer keys

Hi folks,

pleasure to announce that I tagged 032 pvr release. Below the major features new in this release. Any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

* `pvr cleanup` now available to remove untracked files from pvr repo working copy/checkout
* `pvr deploy` properly cleans up untracked files after reploy to ensure unwanted files are not left over
* automatically download our public developer keys/certs for signing containers; you can now just use pvr sig add etc. to sign your containers and run them on official Pantavisor Linux releases.
* 'pvr fastcopy` supports renaming (the prefix of) bits copied over
* `pvr app update/install` have grown support for processing whiteouts that point to dangling symlinks

To try putting a pantavisor signature (PVS) in place you can use these commands:

pvr clone pantahub-ci/rpi64_initial_latest
cd rpi64_initial_latest
pvr sig add --part pvr-sdk
pvr commit; pvr post yournick/yourdevice

For reference the 032 can be found here: 032 · Tags · Pantacor / pvr · GitLab

To consume it install pvr and self-upgrade:

$ pvr self-upgrade

Happy pvr’ing …

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Are the initial devices supporting the automatically downloaded keys/certs bu default?

Yes, they do… we don’t sign the BSP ourselves yet, but yes. most recent release-candidate builds should work out of box with these…