Pvr fastcopy: rename during copy


pvr fastcopy allows to do server side copies of pvr states to devices without having to copy the artifacts explicitely. They will be linked to existing artfacts. You can fastcopy from published/public devices and you can of course fastcopy from your own devices.

Fastcopy a device

To fastcopy a complete devices from one to another simply use the following command:

pvr fastcopy pantahub-ci/rpi64_5_10_y_initial_latest yournick/yourdevice

This will replace whatever is running on the device with exactly waht right now is available on the public pantahub-ci/rpi64_5_10_y_initial_latest release channel. Give it a try!

Fastcopy parts of your device

pvr fastcopy allows to copy just a single part of the device. This is expressed through #urlfragment syntax like below:

pvr fastcopy pantahub-ci/rpi64_5_10_y_initial_latest#bsp yournick/yourdevice

This will copy juust the bsp/ elements from pantahub-ci/rpi64_5_10_y_initial_latest to your device.

Rename during fastcopy

Now NEW: you can rename during such a copy by specifying a new prefix on the destination side like below:

pvr fastcopy -m "setup open port policy for pvr-sdk" asacasa/pvr-sdk-config-examples#_config/pvr-sdk.open yournick/yourdevice#_config/pvr-sdk

This will copy the pvr-sdk.open example configs from my device to yours and name it _config/pvr-sdk.


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