Raspberry Pi 4/5 Image with tryboot_a_b support preview available


we are happy to give you first, early images for Raspberry Pi 5.

Since there was no u-boot support, we embarked on adopting support for the Raspberry Pi tryboot_a_b bootloader approach and I must say we are very happy with the result.

With these images you won’t have issues upgrading to new kernel major version, shipping new config.txt transactionally and poking on your dtbs - all safe and clean in a transactional pantavisor step.

Its still experimental and we are working on an even better solution that will leverage the official Raspberry Pi bootloader approach to allow for making a single image that will support all Raspberry Pi models from Pi 1 to Pi 5 in a single, nice containerized experience. Stay tuned!

For now please give our 64-bit edition (rpi64ab) a try. Pantavisor 020-rc32 images with connman and network manager are here for download:

Once booted this image will bring up a wifi hotspot named “pvwificonnect” with passphrase 1234567890… once connected you can open the UI to pair it with your local wifi.

For NetworkManager its:
For Connman its:

To pair it with Pantacor Hub you have to get the device-id and challenge which will be broadcasted via avahi on your local network. Try pvr scan to find your device if you are connected to same hotspot. Pair it with Pantacor Hub, seed your ssh keys from your profile and you can ssh in with:

ssh -p 8222 os@$DEVICEIP

If you have serial you can also hit ‘d’ while booting to get to debug shell and cat /pv/device-id and cat /pv/challenge.

The $DEVICEIP you can find on Pantacor Hub device details page or also through pvr scan.

Let us know how it works.