Starting to move from alpine-hotspot to connman


after using alpine-hotspot as a simple and smallish, but easy to modify network/root platform for many years we decided it was time to look into replacing the smallish but very arcane ifupdown based network management from alpine-hotspot with something more modern, hotpluggable and extensible, but nevertheless still “smallish”.

Since we have using connman in other projects for a while and found that the convenience offered certainly outweighs the negative from the incremental disk footprint increase and so I decided to move our initial devices for our toradex imx6_7 line of boards to use connman instead of ifupdown.

The bits are already available on the colibri latest channel. Use pvr to clone it right away:

$ pvr clone

or fastcopy it over to your device:

pvr fastcopy --merge yournick/yourdevicenick

Next tag will also have this pick up in our initial images.

Happy Hacking,