Pantavisor 019 Release

Pantavisor 019 brings an extensive collection of exciting new features, as well as a robust set of security and stability improvements. You can start using it by downloading new images from our download page selecting the stable channel or update your Pantavisor devices with pvr:

pvr app update bsp

New Features

  • Introducing container groups to define common properties such as status goal or restart policy, to achieve deterministic startup order and meet middleware availability needs.
  • New status goal feature which can be used to determine the boot up order of containers. Status goal has a configurable timeout that will make updates either fail or unblock other groups if the revision was already validated when the goals are not met.
  • New restart policy to specify how transitions to new updates will be performed. More fine grained control of reboot vs. warm updates to reduce system downtime.
  • Pantavisor configuration keys can be now bundled as runtime policies and switched dynamically without having to re-compile the BSP.
  • Declarative managed drivers provider/consumer protocol that allows BSPs to provide a high-level concept of functionality such as “wifi”, and have it automatically map to a set of named kernel modules. Containers can declare a dependency on such high-level names being available, and have them either auto-load upon starting or on-demand.



  • Multiple bugs have been fixed for an improved and smoother experience both in local and remote mode.

Instrumentation and Tools

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